5 Ways a Facebook Ad Agency Can Help Your Company Grow

December 31, 2021
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It can be difficult to trust an outsider to your business to create and maintain your marketing campaigns. If your team's specialty is not in marketing, though, you may be wasting precious time on creating a campaign without this expertise! Owners of small businesses who spend at least $50,000 on ads should consider hiring an agency to run paid ad campaigns, develop marketing strategies, and correct the course of the ad campaign when it's not working. Learn five ways a Facebook ad agency can be the best idea for charting quick growth for your company.

  1. A Facebook Ad Agency Gives You More Free Time

We understand the adrenaline rush of entrepreneurship as you watch your business grow over the years. You may have started a small business or even a startup in your garage — but now your company has grown and you can't micromanage every department like you used to. Though business owners have a poor track record of asking for help when they need it, you don't have to fall into this category! Give yourself a break and let someone else handle the heavy lifting of Facebook ad creation, campaign monitoring, and data collection.

When you hire a Facebook ad agency, you'll have more free time to address other factors of your day-to-day business and can get a new read on the big picture issues as well. Marketing is but one factor of your company, and sometimes it's best to hire professionals who are exclusive marketers instead of asking your in-house team to pull double-duty in an area that is not their specialization.

  1. A Facebook Ad Agency Is Cost-Effective

Spending dozens to hundreds of thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign when you don't have enough in-house marketers to manage the ads or collect the data can be draining to your employees as well as your budget. You have two choices here: You could hire more in-house marketers, or you can give the work to a dedicated outside team that partners with you to do this specific task. Hiring an outside agency is often more cost-effective than adding on more employees who still may not have enough Facebook ad experience.

  1. A Facebook Ad Agency Gives You a Partner

We're here to make you happy! If your company experiences growth, that's great for both of us. You can rest assured, through our first consultation all the way to the end of your campaign, that we will work closely with you to create strategies that lead to the growth of your business. Whether you own and operate a smaller business or a large corporation, we've worked with every type of business owner with wide-ranging budgets, and we are always excited to introduce new ideas to our clients that promote more visibility and faster growth.

When you partner with our Facebook ad agency, we'll analyze your business and its previous marketing campaigns. We may have a lot of questions for you in terms of what you think worked before, what isn't working now, and how you would like to improve your business's marketing strategy when it comes to Facebook ads. You'll meet with us to become better acquainted with your new marketing team. This can include media buyers, creative strategists, and funnel optimizers to work closely with you and pinpoint areas that could be improved to raise your ads' conversion rate.

  1. A Facebook Ad Agency Elevates the Quality of Your Ad Campaign

If you're thinking about hiring a new in-house marketer for your Facebook ads or an unknown freelancer over an established agency, consider that while you may initially save on the cost of hiring a more experienced professional, your results may not be consistent. While we're an outside agency, we have experience working with businesses like you to deliver both quality and consistency of ads — and we have the numbers to show for our success.

We annually manage over $100 million in our social media ad campaigns, and we're ranked as a Facebook Platinum Level Agency Partner. We've been in the game for a long time, and we make it a point to hire professionals when it comes to ad writing and creation. We also strive to keep our clients updated on a regular basis and are available to reach whenever you need us, and we're always open to suggestions.

  1. A Facebook Ad Agency Can Be a Three-in-One (or more) Deal

At Tier Eleven, we offer managed creative for ads, focused strategy sessions, and a dedicated customer success team to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to your Facebook ad campaign. When you hire a dedicated agency to run a marketing campaign, you are assuring quality and consistency in the writing of the ads, the placement, and the monitoring of the data that comes back after the first round of ads gets placed. Often, ads need to be readjusted or rewritten to gain the best and most actionable results.

When you start working with us, you'll also have access to an entire team of professionals, including those who focus on media strategy and customer conversion. This streamlining allows you to focus on running your business while we take care of your marketing. If you've worked with an in-house marketing team before, or if you've contracted out your marketing with substandard results, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised by what we can bring to the table. We work hard at creating the best ads and analyzing our social media campaign to promote business growth so you don't have to.

Connect With Our Facebook Ad Agency Today

If your business's growth isn't where you'd like it to be, or you feel that you're wasting your time and money on your current social media advertising methods, get in touch with us as soon as possible to schedule your consultation. At Tier Eleven, we pride ourselves upon developing Facebook ad agency strategies that help businesses experience real growth and customer retention. Contact us today to speak in depth about what we can do for you and your business!

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