Tier 11: The Only Agency You Need to Elevate Your Brand

May 22, 2023
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Tier 11 is an exceptional partner

That's not just us talking; this perspective comes directly from one of our esteemed clients, Djamel, the co-founder and CEO of Organifi. In his recent testimonial, Djamel didn't hold back when he declared Tier 11 as "the best Facebook media agency I've ever worked with." When the CEO of a successful company vouches for your services, it says volumes about the quality of work you deliver.

They've been there since day one

You might wonder, what does "since day one" mean? For Djamel, it meant transitioning from managing Facebook ads independently and spending a few thousand dollars daily, to entrusting Tier 11 with this significant role, leading to a daily ad spend in five figures. It's one thing to acquire new clients; it's another to retain them and grow with them. Tier 11 has proven its capability to do both.

Tier 11 understands the Facebook algorithm

The Facebook landscape can be tricky to navigate, but not for Tier 11. Djamel was quick to highlight their grasp of the Facebook algorithm. But it's not just about understanding the algorithm; it's about leveraging that understanding to maintain brand presence and essence without coming off as overly salesy or too direct. They balance brand promotion with customer engagement, a balance that many struggle to achieve.

The results are impressive

Tier 11 doesn't just promise results; they deliver. According to Djamel, they were "getting us like four X return on our spend," which, at the scale of Organifi, amounts to millions a month. This isn't just about boosting sales; it's about delivering value. A 4x return means Tier 11 is driving significant value to their clients, far exceeding the cost of their services.

The team at Tier 11 is second to none

Not only did Djamel praise Tier 11 for their professionalism and expertise, but he also singled out individuals on the team. He referred to Ralph [Burns] and Jenny [DuRose] as "super amazing people." When a client singles out members of your team for praise, it's evident that you've cultivated an environment that values relationships and exceptional service.

If you're looking for someone to run your Facebook ads, look no further than Tier 11

Djamel's final words in his testimonial underscore the value that Tier 11 brings to its clients. He recommends Tier 11 for any business looking to scale and do so in an authentic, brand-centric way with integrity.

In conclusion, if you're a marketing executive in a mid to large ecommerce or service-based business seeking a reliable and professional agency to entrust your brand with, Tier 11 should be at the top of your list. They have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, a deep understanding of the Facebook landscape, and a team that's committed to your success. As Djamel stated in his testimonial, Tier 11 is truly, truly highly recommended.

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