Avoid Marketing Mistakes by Using the Best Digital Marketing Agency

January 27, 2022
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In 2017, more than 29 million US businesses were classified as small or medium businesses, making up 99.7% of all businesses in America. In today’s crowded environment, it’s difficult to grow a business without a strong digital marketing plan. Yet, developing this plan and implementing it takes a lot of work and expertise. Often, businesses that attempt to do their own marketing or use traditional ad agencies quickly grow frustrated at the lack of results. Using the best digital marketing agency saves you from making common mistakes that cost you money and new and loyal customers.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Does the Research for You

Research: It’s a dreaded word among business owners trying to devise a digital marketing plan. However, research and analysis are key components to success. Not only do you need to know your target market, but you also need to understand how well your campaign is working. Many people cast a wide net in targeting their ads, in hopes that they’ll appeal to more people. While this may seem like a good approach, it’s throwing your marketing dollars down the drain. Part of creating a successful marketing campaign is knowing who to target.

The best digital marketing agency takes the time to understand your target audience and tailors your strategy to match. Experts in the digital marketing arena also perform a thorough and ongoing analysis of your campaign strategies to see what does or does not work. Using this information, they can create a plan designed for your business’s needs and execute it for you. You get to focus on the other important aspects of your business operations.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Utilizes All Marketing Outlets

Google generates a lot of traffic for SMBs. Yet, many companies do not take advantage of the power of the search engine’s ad potential, which claims nearly 30% of all advertising dollars spent.

Much of the focus is on Facebook advertising, even though it garners just under 24% of the market. While the social media giant can’t be ignored in your marketing strategy, it pays to use the full suite of available digital channels in a way that makes sense for your company.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Understands Conversion

Optimizing your content for conversions is critical to a successful marketing campaign. Conversion rate optimization should occur throughout your funnel. Smart conversion architecture includes:

  • Strong, winning hooks
  • Compelling, objection-crushing copy
  • Audience-resonating avatars
  • Optimal layouts
  • Clean, user-friendly designs

If you don’t have all these elements in play, your conversion rates suffer, causing you to miss out on new customers.

A strong marketing campaign implements conversion rate optimization throughout your customer acquisition chain. You need a strategy that moves a prospect from the first click to a lifetime customer, and each link in that chain requires a different approach.

The Best Digital Marketing Agency Is an Anti-Ad Agency

If you’re tired of throwing money into marketing strategies that don’t get you the results you desire, Tier Eleven offers a different approach. We focus our efforts on what works, targeting the right audience, using every digital channel, and optimizing for conversions. When you’re ready to work with the best digital marketing agency, Tier Eleven is ready to work for you. Get in touch with us today to start putting your marketing dollars to work for you.

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